Yes it’s Shrove Tuesday, but pancakes aren’t just for dessert. These make a substantial and tasty gluten free, lower GI, dairy-free alternative and an awesome main meal any day of the year. I served with black bean and tomato salad (see previous recipe) plus avocado and mixed green salad with some lemon juice and olive […]

  • COOK

    PALEO COTTAGE PIE We often think of people of the paleolithic era as cavemen, which is pretty harsh as they likely lived in wooden huts and other structures that simply didn’t stand the test of time. Cottages, even. So there’s no reason why they wouldn’t have loved a paleo cottage pie of an evening, after […]

  • RUN

    Today was a pretty historic day in the history of amateur running – marking (to the best of my knowledge) the first ever recorded “half marathon before work” group run. Whilst there are almost 2 million #halfmarathon hashtags on Instagram,  there are only 41 #halfmarathonbeforework hashtags – pretty much all of them from my own […]