I’m a forty-something professional and father of three. I grew up between the sea and the country, and always enjoyed hiking and country walks but hated cross country runs and exercise. It took many attempts to learn to enjoy running and make it part of my daily and weekly routines, but by combining running with commuting I found a way to make running a habitual part of my daily routine, and something enjoyable as well as rewarding. I run to keep fit, but also I want to keep fit so I can run with ease and for pleasure. I’m also food obsessed and love to cook fresh, healthy, nutrient rich food every day – after all, you run what you eat. I love to cook pretty much every day so welcome feedback, ideas and suggestions.

In 2016 I became a #teamiffley ambassador for Iffley Road.  Inspired by a passion for running, they create stylish running kit using high quality textiles that are built for performance.  You’ll usually find me wearing something Iffley Road!  Check them out.


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