It’s been a while, but someone did actually ask for the recipe and it’s not that complicated (and it was bloody nice!)….
Who needs meat when you’ve got vegetarian options as tasty as this?

Falafel burgers

Can of chickpeas – drained and dried on kitchen roll
Small red onion – finely chopped
Clove of garlic – crushed
Small handful chopped fresh coriander
Heaped tablespoon of flour – chickpea/gram flour if you have it, plain flour is fine if not
Tea spoon of ground cumin (or coarsely ground seeds)
Tea spoon of ground coriander (or coarsely ground seeds)
Sea salt – to taste

A nice simple one – combine all the of the above into a food processor and blend into a coarse paste.
Shape into 4 patties and then coat with sesame seeds – pressing in and turning so they stick.
Heat a frying pan with the oil of your choice (I used melted coconut butter) until it’s smoking hot, then fry for 4-5 minutes on each side until crispy and browned.
Remove excess oil with kitchen roll and keep warm.

Feta and avocado whip

Half a block of feta – loosely crumbled
Whole avocado, coarsely chopped
Juice of one lime
Fresh chilli to taste (I used around a quarter of seeded red chill)
Small handful of mint leaves
Sea salt – to taste

Again, nice and simple – wipe down the food processor from the falafels and then add all the above.
Process until you have a nice thick creamy whip.
Serve it up with some fresh coriander leaves or mint or both and a twist of black pepper

I served the above on a bed of mixed leaves and what I had in the salad drawer, plus some barbecued courgette (zucchini) slices – sprayed with olive oil and straight onto hot barbecue for a few minutes on each side (you could as easily grill under a hot grill)

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  1. Cem says: Reply

    Thank you for sharing. I cook it today, it was delicious!

  2. Cameron says: Reply

    Glad you enjoyed it ??

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